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Hardlymoving writes about do-it-yourself automobile maintenance on various makes and models. If Item 1 is your problem, you will want to replace your timing beltas discussed in another article. This DIY article will address items 2 and 3. If a leak is detected between the inner CV axle shaft and the transmission—if you see seepage stains below where the CV axle meets the differential, or drip marks on the ground in that area—the problem may be a transmission fluid leak from a worn axle shaft seal.

A leak here will cause the level of transmission fluid ATF to drop gradually.

DIY Toyota Camry 5SFE Engine Oil-Leak Repair (With Video)

Another article of mine shows how to replace the axle and seal. If the number one and two fuel injectors show a film of fresh oil, or accumulated dirty oil, the valve cover may be the culprit. The source can be further validated by removing the front passenger-side wheel and inspecting the power-steering pump. If the pump is wet with oil, the leak has migrated from the intake runner down to the back of the engine block and then to the power-steering pump. This is assuming that the power-steering pump itself is not leaking; if it is, the power steering fluid level will be dropping.

Again, the source of the leak can be verified by removing the front passenger-side wheel. If an oil film appears at the base of the lower timing belt cover where it meets the engine block, then the camshaft or crankshaft seal, or the oil pump seal or gasket, may be leaking. The timing belt cover must be removed to determine the exact cause.

Unless the leak is transmission fluid coming from the inner CV axle shaft seal, the cylinder head plug the half-circle hump on the right side of the engine by the ignition coil packs is leaking oil. The 2-minute video below provides you an overview on recognizing a valve cover gasket that needs replacement. The below 5. Instructions in text form follow the video. The 7. If this problem is not corrected, you may experience ignition misfire and possible damage to your coil pack.

My personal preference is to use silicone valve cover gaskets instead of rubber. Rubber will eventually shrink, crack, dry rot, and leak again. Silicone gaskets, if you can find them, last longer and retain their elasticity better than their rubber counterparts. When the new rubber gasket shrinks, re-tightening the valve cover rings will offset shrinkage, but this solution will only work for a while.

However, I've found valve cover gaskets made by Fel-Pro to be of very high quality with good durability. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.Toyota 5SFE 2. Toyota 2. Shipping will be Discounted up on pickup. Free shipping within the United States. Good part, took two tries and slow delivery.

Purchased on Jan They did not ship for 10 days. Sadly the part arrived damaged, could have been UPS or could have been that it left the shop with dented spark plug tubes. The second one arrive and seems to be ok, still lots to re-connect to know it it works.

After installing the crank with new oil pump, water pump and timing belt it rattles more now than when it had the old crank. Nuf said!!

5sfe crankshaft

The cylinder head looked great and is functioning properly. The issues were; One cam cap was installed backwards but had to removed and install again after head bolts installed. One spark plug tube threading had to be cleaned up a bit. Overall good valve. Nice product. Ready to use and in good shape.

It is painted, but professionally done. Good part, took two tries and slow delivery Purchased on Jan A few issues but worth it. Item was in good working condition. Very good value for the money.

5sfe crankshaft

All are cranks are ready to use.Toyota 2. Toyota 5SFE 2. Low Price!! Great Quality!!! Low Mileage!!!! Read This First.

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5sfe crankshaft

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You can't drive your Camry forever without replacing the timing belt, its pulleys, and maybe other related parts. It's a big job, but with some tools and mechanical aptitude you can do it yourself. The Toyota 5SFE motor is a four-cylinder, 2. Toyota recommends replacing the timing belt for the 5SFE engine at either 60, or 90, miles based on the year of vehicle manufacture.

Oil leaks from the vicinity of the passenger-side front wheel may indicate a need to replace the timing belt and seals. The 5SFE is a "non-interference" engine, meaning that if the belt breaks while the car is running, the valves and pistons are unlikely to be damaged.

Thus you can use these instructions to replace a broken timing belt, as well as one that is just due to be replaced. Positioning the camshaft sprocket and the crankshaft pulley at Top-Dead-Center TDC alignment is all that is needed for broken belt replacement.

The two idler pulleys the belt tensioner and belt guide should be replaced with every belt change. If the bearings in any of the pulleys were to lose their lubricating properties, the pulley could wobble, which puts strain on the timing belt, or it could seize up, which would cause the belt to fail.

Worn bearings may be evidenced by a grinding noise during engine warm-up, a noise that gradually disappears as the heat of the engine distributes the remaining grease inside the bearings. This noise is a warning that you should replace your belt and bearings as soon as you can. Although many dealerships and private service stations recommend replacing the water pump along with the timing belt, the Aisin brand water pumps used in Toyotas are actually very durable.

DIY Toyota Camry 5SFE Engine Oil-Leak Repair (With Video)

To determine whether the pump is worn or leaking, listen for a chirping noise from the pump while the engine is running. Also, during this job, after the timing belt cover and timing belt have been removed, look for any leakage from the weep hole, or any drag on the pulley when you turn it by hand.

On 5SFE engines with overmiles, there is a good possibility that the seals on the camshaft, crankshaft and oil pump will be worn. These seals are inexpensive, though time-consuming to replace. If the leakage is very bad, oil will get on your timing belt and cause it to fail prematurely.

How to Remove and Replace the Timing Belt on a Toyota Camry - Part I

These mounts are supposed to dampen the back-and-forth motion of the engine. Too much flexing may stress the exhaust system's flex pipe and cause it to crack. Inspecting the side control rod during timing belt replacement will let you know if it needs to be replaced; in my experience, it very often does. The rubber vibration dampener inside the front mount has a tendency to dry rot and crack with age. A simple test is to "blip" the engine turn it on for an instantwith the transmission in gear, while keeping your foot on the brake.

If the engine lifts up and settles back down, a new front mount may be in order. Replacement is simple and straightforward. Expect to spend approximately three hours replacing the timing belt, guide pulley, and tensioner pulley alone.

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5sfe crankshaft

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Toyota Camry 5SFE Engine Timing Belt, Water Pump, and Seal Replacement (With Video)

Do not sign for any damaged package and report it to driver immediately. We receive hundreds of messages a day and we answer them as quickly as possible.The engine Toyota 5S was produced in The 3S engine was taken as a model. Its cylinder diameter was enlarged to Two balance shafts were also installed. The cylinder head is similar to that one mounted on the 3S. The 5S engine is not equipped with hydraulic lifters.

You will need to adjust valves on your own every 20, miles 30, km of mileage. The 5S valves clearances cold engine : intake valves are 0.

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The timing belt with a 60, mileskm lifespan is replaced. When the belt is broken, the valves cannot be bent. The 5S engine is not that bad. It possesses a pretty nice engine lifespan. Though, it is extremely old and, moreover, you should not buy it today. The engine was produced till Later it was replaced with a 2AZ-FE type.

While being produced, the 5S engine was constantly modified and improved. You will be able to get to know more facts on that issue below. The camshafts with a duration of deg, lift 7. And a compression ratio is 9. Its power comprised HP at 5, rpm. Its power was HP at 5, rpm.The Toyota S Series engines are a family of straight-4 engines with displacement from 1. The series has cast iron engine blocks and alloy cylinder heads. The 1. Bore and stroke are Original 1S engine, designed for longitudinalrear-wheel-drive applications.

Designated 1S-U with Japanese emissions controls. Adaption of the 1S engine, designed for transversefront-wheel-drive applications. Designated 1S-LU with Japanese emissions controls.

Adaption of the 1S-L engine, with added central injection Ci. Designated 1S-iLU with Japanese emissions controls. Adaption of the 1S-L engine, with added multiport fuel injection. This particular engine was used in the Camry and in the Celica ST It was fitted with hydraulic lash adjusters. Similar to the 2S engine, the bore was increased to Two-barrel carburettor version of the 3S-FE. The Toyota 3S-FE is a valve 2. A cam driven high pressure fuel pump is at the 4 end of the head.

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This engine was only released in Japan some imported to Russia etc. While the block is iron, the cylinder head is made of aluminium alloy. The pent-roof combustion chambers are complemented by a cross-flow intake and exhaust layout.

5sfe crankshaft

The firing order iswith cylinder number 1 adjacent to the timing belt. The forged crankshaft[8] located within the crankcase, rotates on five aluminium alloy bearings and is balanced by eight weights. Oil holes are located in the middle of the crankshaft to provide oil to the connecting rodsbearing, pistons and other moving components. The intake manifold has four independent ports and benefits from inertia build up to improve engine torque at low and medium speeds.